Nature’s Solution Worm Castings


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Builds Soil And Feeds Your Plants! Nature’s Solution Worm Castings are 99.4% pure castings, which are dark brown, not black (which would indicate anaerobic conditions). They are non-manure based and screened to 1/8 inch. Worms eat the microorganisms growing on the surfaces of organic matter. The worm casts are tiny balls of encapsulated organic matter that are passed out of the worm containing this outstanding community of beneficial microorganisms in high numbers.

The castings add beneficial microbes and organic matter. The feedstock used in making our castings is non-manure based.Use 8 pounds of castings per 100 square feet (78 pounds/1000 sf) as a nutrient supplement. Apply once each growing season. 20 pounds of castings covers 256 square feet. 0.78 lbs of Nitrogen/1000 sf.

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