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13193 Oro Quincy Hwy, Berry Creek, California
(530) 589-9947

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The primary objectives and purposes of this non-profit corporation are to (1) promote, develop and provide sustainable green practices and related educational materials for adults and children, (2) to promote respect for and appreciation of the natural environment whether in urban, rural, or wilderness areas, (3) to support scientific research for sustainable green practices for agriculture and home gardening, (4) to promote the sustainable use of our natural resources, and (5) to promote peace, harmony, and dignity among all living beings.


A center is being developed at the Celebration Farm, located at 13193 Oroville Quincy Highway, Berry Creek, CA where adults and children can learn about how the principles of Mother Nature can be applied to home gardens, landscaping, and agricultural growing systems. The Center will ideally be situated in a diverse growing area, from old growth forests, deciduous forests, to meadows, and water sources for observation of natural growing systems and their requirements. The Center will be created as a model that will showcase sustainable practices.

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