Carole Ann Rollins, Ph.D., Bio


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Professional Background

  • Carole’s pioneering career in the environmental field began in the early 1970’s at the University of California – Berkeley, where she was a Teaching Associate and started an Interdepartmental Studies Course in Environmental Education and Design.
  • A successful and adventurous entrepreneur for most of her career, her background is rich in both breadth and depth of environmental experience. On her own and through her partnerships she has made and continues to make a difference on our planet:
  • Though the National Endowment for the Arts, Carole was given the “Public Education and Awareness Award, ” a grant which she utilized to design and develop environmental education activities for elementary school children.
  • Partnering with various corporations during her career, she crafted precious metals proposals and contracts in Switzerland and New York, while marketing and selling retail goods and services.
  • In partnership with the California Vermiculture, LLC, of Las Vegas, Nevada, Carole initiated, organized and coordinated marketing development of an organic fertilizer product.
  • Co-founded Nature Technologies, LLC, which provides equipment and products for landscaping and agriculture industries to provide alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers. She is also the co- inventor of the patent-pending equipment.
  • Founded The Environment Celebration Institute, Inc., a non-profit tax-exempt organization to further environmental awareness and appreciation of our natural wonders through research and education.

Being a multi-talented professional, Carole’s career is rich in diversity of industry, including time spent in the recording industry in New York City, in the publications industry, and now in the agriculture industry.

Educational Background

B.A. in Architecture, with honors: The College of Environmental Design, University of California,

Berkeley B.A. in Conservation of Natural Resources, with honors; the College of Agricultural Science, U.C. Berkeley

M.A. in Environmental Education; Graduate School of Education, U.C. Berkeley

Advanced to Candidacy for Ph.D. in Environmental Education: Graduate School of Education, U.C. Berkeley Ph.D. in

Environmental Policy and Management: Graduate School of Environmental Studies, U. of Nevada