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We are publishing Dr. Elaine Ingham's books, manuals, and posters to support our work.


Dr. Ingham provides seminars and workshops on soil life and practical applications.


Seeking funding for research experiments in soil biology applications for agriculture.

Institute Center

Currently seeking donations for development of a research & education center in No. CA.

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The Environment Celebration Institute (ECI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to: 1) promote, develop, and provide sustainable green practices and related educational materials for adults and children, (2) promote respect for and appreciation of the natural environment whether in urban, rural, or wilderness areas, (3) support scientific research for sustainable green practices for agriculture and home gardening, (4) promote the sustainable use of our natural resources, and (5) promote peace, harmony, and dignity among all living things. 

ECI promotes green practices, sustainable use of natural resources, respect for the natural environment through scientific research and development, publication and distribution of educational materials. Educational materials include books, CDs, seminars, workshops, webinars, hand-on training, and other project activities that will increase awareness and promote protection of the environment and education children, adults, parents, and teachers about sustainable use of natural resources. 

Environmental Education and Research

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Dedicated to promote peace, harmony, and dignity
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